Friday, 29 April 2016

ATTENTION - Your Handicap Needs You

A couple of years ago, Kath Matthews broke the women's course record for our Handicap, she lowered the time to 30:18.

I thought it would be nice to see if the men's course record could be broken, at present it stands at 28:07 set on 20th May 2010, and is held by Tom Gibbs.

So, basically this is a call to arms, I know this year we've had lots of runners at the first two Handicap races, but I'd like lots more to turn up to the next one, which is on Thursday 5th May. The course will be run clockwise, as was the existing record race.

The more runners we have, the more people each runner has to chase down, and the more each runner has to try and stay in front of. Which will I hope push the fastest runner to a record breaking  time.

Now I suspect some of the slower runners (which they are not, as they are running as fast as they can) may think, why should I turn up and be part of this, as I'm not fast enough to set the record. That may be true, but not only could you be part of the record breaking race, you could, and hopefully will, clock your own fastest time for the Handicap course.

So who's up for the attempt?

Mike (Handicap organiser)

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