Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Week Ahead 15 Dec 2014

This week sees the start of the festivities for Chepstow Harriers. Tuesday is the annual Treasure Hunt, a run with a difference followed by festive refreshments. Meet at Neil's house at Hayesgate ready to run at 7pm.

Thursday is busy. Meet at the leisure centre at the usual time for the Danes loop: 4 or 5 hilly 1200m loops with a 2 minute recovery.
The evening is rounded off with the Club Christmas meal at The Shangri La.
And finally, the last Club Champs of 2014 - the Skirrid Fell Race at 2pm Saturday. A very friendly hill race with a fast start and finish over the fields. Chips and beer for all runners. I haven't heard what we're having in the pub after...


  1. Do you know if the Skirrid web site mentions a free beer ?

  2. Did you know you can enter your name rather than have to comment anonymously?

  3. Please let me know if you are coming so that you are included in the organisation. So far we have 43 people of which 5 are helping on the evening.

  4. Yor Right ! I've found I can right my name . . . or any name for that matter.

  5. Neil - sounds like 5 'spongers' to me. How many harriers does it take to boil a kettle ? Oh . . .there's cake to cut as well ? . . .and teams to sort out ? . . . and double parking to prevent ? . . . .fair enough.

  6. Hello. I don't know my way to Neil's house. Can you give me directions please ? Thanks, Charlie

    1. Go down A48, past the garden centre. First turn on the right, Hayesgate. First house on the right. Expect to see loads of cars.