Monday, 18 November 2013

The Week Ahead 18 Nov 2013

Something new and exciting on Tuesday from Coach Geoff:
Continuing with the theme of running form this Tuesdays session is aimed at improving your cadence (leg turn over speed).
Meet in the middle of Beachley Loop road at 7:20pm warmed up either by jogging down from the Leisure Centre or for those arriving in cars having done at least two loops of the inner loop road.
The first part of the session, to get used to sprinting, will comprise Ladder Relays of lines of 12 to 15 runners based on pace groups. Runners will run in single file at jog/ recovery pace and the runner at the rear of the line will sprint to the front. Once there they slow to recovery jog pace, which will be the trigger for the last runner to sprint to the front and so on. Lines based on pace groups A,B,C and D will run two loops of the road and Lines based on groups E and F one and a half.
The second element of the session will comprise mixed pace group teams of about 6 performing 150m relays.
The total time of the two effort sessions will be approx. 30 mins. You will be told the duration of the relays part when it starts.
On Thursday the long awaited Night Race in the FoD (No boars will be allowed to start the race but a few may join in at some stage. Unless wearing a number they will not appear in the official results).
Starts 7.15 from the Rising Sun at Moseley Green, GL15 4HN. Meet at the LC to share cars at 6.30.
Remember head torch and offroad shoes.
Free buffet for Harriers. There will be guest runners from other clubs to bring on the race atmosphere, but this is primarily a Club Champs points scorer.
And finally, on Saturday it's the East Wales Championship race - the Elan Valley 10 miles at 1pm at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre just outside Rhayadr. Still time to enter in advance at £10, but £13 on the day. This is a lovely, scenic road race on minor lanes with a warm cafeteria with soup, cakes and snacks after, and a good chance to win a medal and prize. There'll be a few Harriers going, me for one. So we'll organise car sharing.
I also hear from Syd that Pontypool Park will be hosting their initial parkrun on Saturday, and that he expects us all to accept the challenge of doing both runs on the day. If he's doing it at 76, what excuse do we have?

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  1. We're advised that 6.30 on Thurs is cutting it a bit fine, so let's make it 6.15.