Monday, 27 September 2010

The Week Ahead 27 Sept 2010

Cnut couldn’t keep the tide back, but Chepstow Harriers are doing their best to keep time at bay!


A week after the Autumn Equinox, so we do have 12 hours of daylight on Tuesday - honest. Go straight on to the field and start warming up for a prompt start and enough time for four sets of small, medium and large laps.


Likewise some off-road stuff on Thursday, but the 6.45 gang (can you make it this week Karen?) last Thursday were well on their way before the 7 o’c pack had got to the top of the steps.


Over to Tutshill (just right for Jackie & Sharon) for the Gloucestershire Way, and see how long you can follow it till you have to resort to the tarmac. 


  1. If I can get away from work promptly I'll aim to be there for 6.45

  2. Dick, how very heartwarming for you to think of us old gals who are over the hill. And I mean that in the literal sense...