Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Run the Railway Path - Your Help Needed

Many members will remember the campaign a couple of years ago to convert part of the old Wye Valley Railway line into a safe path for walkers, cyclists, wheelchairs, horseriders and so on. The support and funding are in place, and a new planning application has been submitted to Monmouthshire and FoD councils.


Our committee agreed then to support the plans, and the time has now come to put all our weights behind the application.


You can help hugely by registering yourself on the campaign website


So far 996 local people have done so, and reaching the magic 1,000+ mark will show the planning authorities the amount of support behind this terrific opportunity.  


Then if you could follow the guidelines and write to your council, you will have done such a lot towards making this marvellous idea a reality for all Harriers and their families.

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