Friday, 10 September 2010

Club Kit Night

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning a Club Kit night for Tuesday 5th October, in the LC bar after training. This will be your chance to purchase items of remaining surplus stock, as well as new style vests.

Below is a list of kit, along with the price and sizes available.

Vests (old style) £10 each.

3x38" 4x40" Slim Fit **

1x44" 2x46" Loose Fit

**Cut tighter to the neck and arms.

Training Tops Short Sleeve £13:50 each.

1x Extra Small. 2x Small. 1x Extra Large (42-44").

Training Tops Long Sleeve £16:00 each.

1x Extra Large.

Fleece Jackets £17 each.

2x Extra Small (Blue - Full Zip)

1x Small (Blue - Quarter Zip)

1x Large (Red - Full Zip)

NB. Sizes are quite generous.

Hats £5 each.

2x Beanie

1x Baseball cap

All items can be seen on the website - club kit page. (Click on link below)

If you require any further info, or if you want to purchase sooner, please contact me via the email link on the club kit page, alternatively call or text my mobile.



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